Icons of Komi

I'd vote for the Manpupuner rock formations. They are recognized as a very popular attraction in Russia. The rock formations have been around for more than a million years. The Manpupuner rock formations or the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations have become a part of the Seven Wonders of Russia. I think the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations represent the stregth and endurance of our nation. They are exciting to see. As for me, they are the tops!    

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    Bobcat (Wednesday, 20 February 2013 18:01)

    I'd vote for the Pechora river. To many it is just a river? but I think it is one of the most prominent waterways in the north of Russia. It is recognized as one of the biggest rivers of the country as well. Besides, it proudly represents a great variety of fish species. More than that, the river helps to be around such a district as Ust-Tsilma. ;)
    P.S.: Nice blog.

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    Tanya (Wednesday, 20 February 2013 19:09)

    I'd like to vote for the Petrovschina.
    To many people say that the Petrovschina merry festival.
    Petrovschina is recognized as attraction.
    Petrovschina has been around for long time and become part of our culture and history .
    Petrovschina represents all that is great and beautiful in Ust-Tsilma.
    It's the tops!

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    Alesya (Friday, 08 March 2013 09:53)

    I'd like to vote for the swamp Ocean. To many, the swamp Ocean represents the largest swamp in Europe. The swamp Ocean is recognized a swamp which is protected in our respublic. It has been around for along time. It is part of Komi nature